n cooperation with UNESCO, STEPAN has been carrying out many workshops, projects and research works in the development of S&T indicators relevant to the Asian region. STEPAN also provides a platform for all member countries to develop deeper bilateral relations where common interests are identified in the first instance within a multilateral framework.

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DatePlaceWorkshop Title
1989ColomboDevelopment of Practical S&T Indicators for Economic Development
1990ThailandKeys to Asian Renaissance of the 1990s: S&T Policy for Development
Malaysia The Integration Human Resources and Sociocultural and Technological Change Indicators in the Development Planning Process
1991AustraliaS&T Management Information Development
India S&T for Development and S&T Information Management in Asia
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1992HanoiCommercialization of Research Systems and S&T Management Information Systems : Development and Application Issues
1993ManilaManaging Information for Commercialization of Research
1994New ZealandMaximizing National Regional Benefits for Public Investments in Research, S&T
1995KoreaScience, Technology and Social Change in Asia and the Pacific
JakartaScience and Technology (S&T) Management
JakartaCommercialization of Research and Development
JakartaS&T Information Systems Capability and the Application of Indicators for Development
1996JakartaTechnology and Business Incubators Development
JakartaManaging Intellectual Property within the Asia-Pacific Region
MalaysiaManagement of Technological Innovations
1997SeoulS&T Management Learning Materials for Developing Countries of the Asia-Pacific Region
1998HanoiS&T Policy for Asia-Pacific Economics in the 21st Century
2004SeoulS&T Sensitization Workshop, S&T; Policy and Innovation Driven Growth
2005ManilaConduct of Core Studies on Innovation-Based Entrepreneurship
2006PhilippinesTraining Workshop on the PReparation of Case STudies on Innovation-Based Entrepreneurship
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